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Taiwan Tea / 台灣茶


Beautiful Apparel & Bags / 美麗服裝與手提袋


2017 Art Taipei World Art Fair and World Art Olympiad / 2017年台北世界藝術博覽展售會與世界藝術競賽會


An All in One Total Solution World Selling Platform for your International Sale

Computer Server Space + Software Design + Domain Name + Static IP + Computer Maintenance + Cash Receipt + Marketing /Promotion + Commodity Sale = All in One Total Solution World Selling Platform
電腦主機空間 + 軟體設計 + 網路域名 + 固定位址 + 電腦維護 + 收取貨款 + 市場行銷/促銷 + 商品銷售 = 一體成形全方位全球銷售平台


For the International Sale Commodities excluding drugs and prohibited/dangerous cargoes

All you need to do is just to provide and email a .doc/.docx document file by Microsoft Office Word describing the website page content of your selling commodities and their image files (please refer to the website page content listed below) together with your receiving bank account name and account number (monthly sales are to be closed and remitted to your bank account at the end of each month after deducting 10% of our sales commission fees) to orionandhsu@yahoo.com.tw and orionandhsu@gmail.com . In one week your website selling page will be published on line and commence a business. Your term of service is also commenced to be calculated. We will inform you of the date that is on line and commenced to be calculated for the term as well as your website name and port number such as http://www.orionmuseum.com:xxxxx (xxxxx is the port number 101 – 65530 assigned to your website page by us).

你只需要提供以Microsoft Office Word編排好之 .doc 或 .docx 文件檔,敘明你的商品銷售網頁內容及銷售商品圖檔(可參閱下列網頁內容),並附上你的貨款收款銀行戶名及帳號(每月月底結帳一次將併扣除銷售佣金手續費為結帳總貨款之一成)至 orionandhsu@yahoo.com.tw 及 orionandhsu@gmail.com 即可。約一週內你的銷售網頁可正式發佈上線做生意並起算使用期限,我們將通知你正式上線並起算使用期限之日期與你的網域名稱及埠號(為http://www.orionmuseum.com:xxxxx 註: xxxxx 為由我們分配予你網頁的阿拉伯數目字埠號 101 - 65530)。

Taiwan Tea, Beautiful Apparel & Bags, 2017 Art Taipei World Art Fair and Art Olympiad 


We help you market the world by ART and Computer Technology

After your Website Selling Page is on line to commence a business, we will begin to market and promote your commodities by our beautiful ART collections and public media listed below. Your selling price quotation must include international selling delivery charges to customers worldwide and our 10% sales commission fees!


Website Page Service Fees 銷售網頁服務費用:

One Year Service Term 一年期服務 美金 US$ 800.00
Two Years Service Term 二年期服務 美金 US$ 1,200.00
Three Years Service Term 三年期服務 美金 US$ 1,500.00
Four Years Service Term 四年期服務 美金 US$ 1,800.00
Five Years Service Term 五年期服務 美金 US$ 2,000.00

Special Discounts before the end of 2016 / 2016年底前購買特別優惠折扣價格:

One Year Service Term 一年期服務 美金 US$ 600.00
Two Years Service Term 二年期服務 美金 US$ 1,000.00
Three Years Service Term 三年期服務 美金 US$ 1,300.00
Four Years Service Term 四年期服務 美金 US$ 1,600.00
Five Years Service Term 五年期服務 美金 US$ 1,800.00

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List of Art Collections 藝術收藏品名單

A000-2017 Art Taipei World Art Fair and Art Olympiad 2017年台北世界藝術博覽展售會及世界奧林匹亞藝術競賽會

A001-Red Cosmetics on Screen of Golden Outlined Red Lotus by Zhang Daqian in 1940s 張大千1940年代作紅妝步障工筆鈎金紅荷花圖

A002-Dwelling in the Mountain by the Lake Wuting by Zhang Daqian dated 1967 張大千1967年作五亭湖山居潑彩山水圖

A003-The Buddhist Sutra of the Heart of Prajna calligraphy handscroll by Yu Youren in 1953 于右任1953年作般若波羅蜜多心經行草書法手卷

A004-Rain over a Cold Pond splashed color and gold Golden Outlined Red Lotus by Zhang Daqian dated 1980 張大千1980年作寒塘過雨潑彩洒金鈎金紅荷花圖

A005-After the Rising and Warm Green Mountains by Huang Gongwang by Zhang Daqian dated 1947 張大千1947年作擬元代黃公望浮巒暖翠山水圖

A006-Splashed Color Golden Outlined Red Lotus on gold sheet by Zhang Daqian dated 1979 張大千1979年作金箋潑彩描金紅荷花圖

A007-Recalling the Beautiful Scenery of Mountain Huang in China by Zhang Daqian dated 1979 張大千1979年作遙思黃山故景潑彩山水圖

A008-A Bird’s-eye View on Taiwan Cross-Island Road near Herhuan by Zhang Daqian dated 1978 張大千1978年作台灣橫貫公路合歡山鳥瞰金碧潑彩山水圖

A009-Painting the Elder Bintourlu after Technique of Song Dynasty by Zhang Daqian dated 1946 張大千1946年作倣宋人畫賓頭盧尊者像

A010-One Flower in One World White Lotus by Zhang Daqian dated March 1978 張大千1978年3月作一花一世界白荷花圖

A011-The Ten Elder Men in the Legend of China by Qi Baishi dated 1949 齊白石1949年作十全老人神賢圖

A012-Lotus, Double Mandarin Ducks and Love Shrimps by Qi Baishi dated 1951 齊白石1951年作荷花蜻蜓鴛鴦雙蝦佳偶小魚蝌蚪成群多子多孫福滿堂圖

A013-People in Chinese Ancient Historical Poem of Six Dynasties by Xu Beihong dated 1940 徐悲鴻1940年作六朝人詩意圖

A014-Jiufang Gao, People in the Chinese Ancient Historical Poem by Xu Beihong dated 1940 徐悲鴻1940年作九方皋圖

A015-The People Live in Mali Village by Wu Guanzhong dated 1982 吳冠中1982年作馬里村頭人物風景圖

A016-Expressionistic Red Lotus by Wu Guanzhong dated 1990 吳冠中1990年作表現主義紅荷花圖

A017-The Landscape of River Li being Well-known Forever by Li Keran dated 1987 李可染1987年作漓江山水傳千古圖

A018-Court Ladies and the Vase by Lin Fengmian 林風眠作宮女與花瓶圖

A019-Five Naked Ladies by Lin Fengmian 林風眠作五裸女圖

A020-Colorful Birds, Flowers and Plants by Yan Bolong dated 1943 顏伯龍1943年作彩鳥與花草小樹圖

A021-Orchids Bamboos and Rocks by Zheng Banqiao dated 1764 鄭板橋1764年作蘭竹石圖

A022-The Sunshine reflects Misty Light of Mountain by Wang Hui in Qing Dynasty 清王翬作日映嵐光山水圖

B001-Abstract Landscape 抽象山水圖 Oil on canvas 油彩帆布 by A. Rong dated March 1975

B002-Abstract Seascape 抽象海景圖 Oil on canvas 油彩帆布 by A. Rong dated June 1978

B003-Mother and the love Oil on canvas by Giancarlo Pesci of Italy in December 2015

C001-A Wucai European Envoy presenting Tribute to the Sovereign Bottle Vase Tianqiuping Zhengtong Period Ming Dynasty 明正統五彩歐洲使節天朝進貢天球瓶

C002-An After Northern Song Ru Kiln Sky-blue glazed Porcelain Dinosaur-giant-egg-shaped Artifact Kangxi Period Qing Dynasty 清康熙仿北宋汝窯天青藍釉恐龍巨蛋形瓷器擺件

C003-A Tang Lushan Kiln Copper-green glazed varicolored Pottery Chicken-head Jug Tang Dynasty 唐魯山窯銅綠釉窯變花釉陶胎乳丁紋弦紋雞首壺

C004-A Tang Sancai Pottery round Box with Cover Tang Dynasty 唐三彩具極細開片紋及帶蛤蜊光綠地八瓣寶相花紋圓蓋盒

C005-A Silver embellished Bronze carved Ritual Meat Vessel Dou shaped Di Si Ding and Nien Heng Zi Ding Shang dynasty 商周青銅錯銀豆形弟姒鼎及年亨子鼎

C006-A Bronze carved Sword of Emperor Wen with inscription Honorable Heritage from Mother Empress Western Han Dynasty 西漢文帝劉桓寶承妣皇銘文青銅傳承旨意帝王劍

C007-A Bronze carved Ritual Wine Vessel Ewer Livestock GONG Shang Dynasty 商朝特殊不銹有蓋青銅羊角怪獸頭饕餮紋龍虎魚鳥人蛇紋牺觥

C008-A Bronze Hunting Dog gilt with ancient Men Horses and Dogs on hunting painting of Eastern Zhou dynasty to Han dynasty 東周至漢朝青銅錯金遠古人類馬犬狩獵圖紋狩獵犬

C009-A round and flat Tianhuang Stone Pebble with skin Carved Landscape and Figures Decorated Carving with Base 田黃凍帶皮扁圓卵石雕山水人物薄意擺件連座

C010-A White Jade Pig-and-Bird-Winged Dragon Winged Mythical Beast Hongshan Culture China 中國北方紅山文化時期古白玉雕豬鳥翼形龍

C011-A Carved Archaic White Jade Cavalrymen War Horses and Halberds of Middle Sizes Militarism Worship Cong Qin Dynasty 秦古白玉雕騎兵戰馬中戟紋崇武玉琮

C012-A Coincident Carved Archaic Khotan Russet Skin White Jade Sitting Double-humped Camel Han Dynasty 漢朝和闐黑棗皮古白玉巧雕坐姿雙峯駱駝

H001-An All in One Total Solution World Selling Platform 一體成形全方位全球銷售平台

P001-Paintings of top four historical beauties in ancient China by artist Tang Yin (1470-1524) 唐寅(1470-1524)作中國古代歷史四大美女圖

P002-Top four historical beauty Diao Chan in ancient China by artist Tang Yin (1470-1524) 唐寅(1470-1524)作中國古代歷史四大美女貂蟬

P003-Top four historical beauty Wang Zhaojun in ancient China by artist Tang Yin (1470-1524) 唐寅(1470-1524)作中國古代歷史四大美女王昭君

P004-Top four historical beauty Xi Shi in ancient China by artist Tang Yin (1470-1524) 唐寅(1470-1524)作中國古代歷史四大美女西施

P005-Top four historical beauty Yang Guifei in ancient China by artist Tang Yin (1470-1524) 唐寅(1470-1524)作中國古代歷史四大美女楊貴妃

S003-Taiwan Tea 台灣茶

S004-Tote Bag 大手提袋

S005-To enjoy a cup of Taiwan Tea 享受一杯台灣茶

S006-Tea Drinking Painting in Eastern Jin Dynasty China from 317–420 by Fu Baoshi 傅抱石作西元317年至420年中國東晉朝飲茶圖

S007-Tea Drinking Painting in Southern Tang Dynasty China from 937–976 by Tang Yin 唐寅作西元937年至976年中國南唐朝飲茶圖

T001-Taipei City Taiwan 台灣台北市

T002-T027 Taiwan 台灣

X001-A White Calcified Baby Dinosaur Fossil named-I have teeth-at somewhere on Earth 地球某處小恐龍化石

X002-A Space Meteorite with a burnt through hole at the wall of cave 1057 grams 具燒穿洞之太空隕石

X003-An Archaic green Jade carved Guanyin Figure 高古碧玉雕觀音菩薩坐像

X004-A Green Purple Red Three-Colored Jadeite carved Auspicious Bat Longevity Fungus Buddhist Hand Qing Dynasty 297 grams 清朝天然緬甸A貨三彩雕翡翠佛手

X005-An Archaic Jade carved Fish Wine Cup 高古玉雕魚形酒杯

X006-A Green Jade Rock carved Underground Terracotta Army 碧玉石塊雕兵馬俑

X007-An Archaic Mutton Fat White Jade carved Dragon Pendant 高古羊脂白玉雕龍形珮

X008-A Yongzheng Enameled Eggshell Porcelain Vase with Western Family and a Villa Garden Design 清朝雍正瓷胎琺瑯彩西方家庭花園薄胎蛋殼瓶

X009-A Qianlong Enameled Porcelain Vase with Flowers and Birds Peacock and Peahen Design 清朝乾隆瓷胎琺瑯彩花鳥孔雀紋瓶

X010-A Kangxi Famille Verte (Wucai) Porcelain Vase with Dragon and Phoenix Design 清朝康熙瓷胎五彩龍鳳紋瓶

X011-A Dinosaur Fossil 恐龍化石

X012-A Wooden Carving 木雕品

X013-A Stone Carving 石雕品

X014-A Stone Carving 石雕品

X015-A Stone Carving 石雕品

Y001-Beauty in Red Hair-kerchief,Wooden Shoes,White Robe, Bamboos Painting by Zhang Daqian dated 1980 張大千1980年作脩竹紅髮巾木屐白袍裸肩日本美女圖

Y002-Autumn Twilight in a Forest Painting by LIN FENGMIAN inscribed by CHENG SHIFA 林風眠作程十髮題引首秋艷風景圖

Y003-The Children and Father Sitting on the Back of Camels Painting by Huang Zhou 黃冑作駱駝背上的小學生與父親圖

Y004-Landscape Painting by Feng Chaoran 馮超然作山水圖

Y005-A young Lady after Bath Painting by Qiu Yuan dated 1942 秋圓1942年作貴妃出浴圖

Y006-The Heavenly Place in Mankind World by Zhang Daqian dated 1982 張大千1982年作人家在仙堂潑彩山水圖

Y007-Mountain Emei May Be Crossed On Top by Zhang Daqian dated 1971 張大千1971年作可以橫絕峨嵋巔潑彩山水圖

Y008-The Dreamland of Mountain Qingcheng in Heavenly Place by Zhang Daqian dated 1981 張大千1981年作夢入靑城天下幽人間仙境潑彩山水圖

Y009-Splashed Color Landscape Painting of Fuchun Mountain by Zhang Daqian dated 1978 張大千1978年作富春山居潑彩山水圖

Y010-Splashed Color Landscape Painting of Beautiful Mountain Qingcheng by Zhang Daqian dated 1973 張大千1973年作青城天下幽潑彩山水圖

Y011-One Hundred Children by Chinese handmade Silk Embroidery Xiangxiu Qing Dynasty China 中國清朝手工湘繡百子圖

Y012-Water Village at Southern China by Wu Guanzhong 吳冠中作江南水村

Y013-Y026 One of the Ten Beloved Horses of Emperor Qianlong Qing Dynasty 清朝乾隆皇帝心愛十駿馬之一

An All in One Total Solution World Selling Platform for your International Sale

(:2016 即2016年 Year 2016)

Taiwan Tea that makes you to enjoy tea drink like an European King or Queen in the Palace

(:100 即一百度 one hundred degree)

Beautiful Apparel that catches People’s Eyes

(:888 即發發發 more and more prosperous)

2017 Art Taipei World Art Fair and Art Olympiad

(:168 即一路發 all the way to the prosperous)

A Facebook public group "Fine Art to Sell"
  臉書公共社群網站 "藝術精品展售"

Hello! Your beautiful works of art are invited to join a public Facebook group "Fine Art to Sell" to exhibit freely fine art for sale to buyers worldwide.

From Western Oil Paintings to Chinese Watercolor Paintings; from Europe to America via China and Africa by-passing India; from bronze, jade and Jadeite, ceramics, paintings, dinosaur fossils, sculptures, to space meteorites; from century B.C. to A.D.; from US several dollars to millions, and even priceless; from unearthed, unearthed-seabed, to the outer space, you can find many extra-ordinary works of art here in this group!

Over thirty-one thousand increasing group members, most of them are creative and professional Artists, have offered over four thousand five hundred increasing valuable lots for your appreciation and examinations! It’s completely free to be in and free to be out as your wish and to get your knowledge of worldwide art freely!

(Over 31,000 group members and 4,500 artworks)

哈囉! 邀請您美麗的藝術作品歡迎加入臉書公共社群網站 "藝術精品展售" 以便向全世界的買家免費展示.

從西方油畫到中國水墨彩畫; 從歐洲至美洲經由中國與非洲路過印度; 從青銅器, 玉器翡翠, 瓷器, 書畫, 恐龍化石, 雕塑, 至太空隕石; 從西元前至西元後; 從數美元至數百千萬美元, 甚至無價之寶; 從地下出土, 海底床出水, 甚至於外太空, 您可在此臉書公共社群網站中找到許多特別好的藝術作品!

超過三萬一千位增加中的會員, 其中絕大部分是富有創造力強而專業的藝術作家, 已經提供了超過四千五百件增加中的名貴藝術作品供您鑑賞! 它是完全免費進入也是免費離開, 且正如您所願, 可以自由進出以取得您的全球藝術知識!


Over 1,700 photos of fine Chinese works of art including Ceramics and Paintings from large museums worldwide and Sotheby’s auctions as well as Christie’s auctions:

(Over 1,700 artworks)

Mr. Orion Hsu
Orion Museum


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